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Bounced. mulberry silk pillowcase - ROSE WATER

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Made with 100% high-grade Mulberry Silk, our Bounced pillowcase is guaranteed to elevate sleep, hair, and skin. Our luxurious cases maintain hair’s natural oils and provide a cool, relaxing sleeping experience.

Feeling beautiful is self-care. Just go to sleep.

  • Zipper closure for slip-free use
  • Available in three sizes
  • Helps eliminate breakage and dry hair
  • Maintains hairstyles longer
  • Promotes plump, smooth, hydrated, youthful skin
  • High-Grade Silk fabric prevents skin irritation 

Standard Pillow Size

20" x 26"

Queen Pillow Size

20" x 30"

King Pillow Size

20" x 36"

Care Instructions

Dry cleaning and hand washing. May also machine wash on gentle cycle, with a mesh wash bag. When machine washing, pillowcases should dry flat to prevent wrinkles and shrinkage. 

Created with the future of the earth in mind. Our products are sustainable and biodegradable. 100% sustainable material and nontoxic dyes, our products are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s free from harmful toxins that can harm the skin.